"I love you" in different languages

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In learning a language, even if it’s only the survival type of understanding,the learner never misses the word “I love you”. In any country I go, at least from my occasional experience of travel outside the Philippine air space (Note: Outside of the Philippine Air Space is a friend's original expression of naughtiness!), I get a wink when I ask “what’s I love you in your language?” When this question is asked it disarms the one asking and the one responding. Perhaps it’s because there’s only one human race.

The "I love you" sound is so powerful it goes into the innermost dimension of a person's self-esteem. Life without the magic of this sound will be colorless and meaningless. From where this sound comes from is the well-spring of all emotions that make people act as an individual or as a community.

Below are a number of translations of “I love you.” If you have the time and want to learn more “I love you’s” I am including the link of the internet source that covers more languages than what I am writing in this article. Remember, just be very sure not to confuse “I love you” with “Do you know the way to Ubod?” when you are in Bali. Just kidding. Wink. The link to the bigger number of tongues are here:


Maybe you know the translations already but the law of disuse may have caught up with you. You can always go back to the list on February 14.

Here we go. You must have learned the Afrikaans equivalent when you were in South Africa. Now, here we are:

Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou Ek het jou life

Bisaya Nahigugma ko nimo

Bicol Namumutan ta ka

Filipino Mahal kita

Chinese Wo ie ni

Mandarin Wo ai ni

French Je t'aime

Greek S' ayapo (S'agapw?)

Hawaiian Aloha wau ia 'oe

Indonesia kulo tresno panjenengan (high languange) aku tresno karo kowe (low languange) (Aku tresna kowe!)in Java Indonesia: aku cinta kamu(Javanese: A tribe in Indonesia)

Spanish Te quiero; Te amo