A self-esteem deepening moment: A kissing couple inside a rose!

Self-esteem as a state of mind and being is a work in progress for individuals and communities. As it is the foundation of the emotional well-being of peoples interacting with the ever-changing forces of reality, working towards it never ends. At one period In our lives, a feeling of completeness may breeze through but when the next morning light comes, a sense of incompleteness sets in again. And our effort to reach that elusive self-esteem moment continues.

The photo in this article was just sent to me by e-mail – those e-mails being forwarded endlessly around the world, you know this practice in this digital world. I watched the photo with wonder and to my mind the artist was such a gift to the planet that I can only say thanks to the artist through this hub. I don’t know the name of the artist who painted this amazing work so I promised myself to celebrate the beauty passed on to me by writing this piece. Beauty sent to me on the silver platter of the virtual world everyday makes me show my gratitude to the universe in whatever way I can. Writing and sharing my thoughts are just some of the things I do to be grateful. There are many other ways I can do to pay tribute to the universe for its gifts.

Why is kissing inside a rose so cute a scene to watch especially when you get home in the evening with a stack of monthly bills to pay? Because kissing is connecting; is entering the gate to the soul of another human being. Lips are more than flesh and nerves and lipstick. They are the pathways to the meeting of two unfolding energies raring to flow into each other. Like the waves and the shoreline. Like the bees and the flowers. Like the sunlight and your eyes. Feeling the reality of connectedness in the deepest way possible in a kiss or a hug or in the physical pleasures afterwards makes the spirit of two people soar to the highest levels of emotional security. Self-esteem grows from a sense of emotional security.

The rose is so beautiful a symbol that blends with a kiss in that a rose is a symbol of feminine sexuality. If you watch a rose closely, you will see the resemblance of the formation of the petals to the female organ. Without the distorted connotations attributed to the female genitalia by pornography, all you’ll see in the kissing couple inside a rose is the sacredness of sex from the lips as the first gate to the mind to the genitalia as the final gate to the innermost dimension of a human being – the feelings.