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self-esteem, process, community organizing

Self-esteem building is an integral part of the community organizing process.

My name is Francia C. Clavecillas.I am a community organizer. I view the world from different landscapes – from an anthill with millions of red ants, from a riverbank where people fight constant threats of eviction and from a sandbar in the corner of the wind toward which the rivers I have traversed flow. Rough edges of life piercing through my feet and staying in my home of meanings are the reasons I want to do my share in the process of self-esteem building of communities. The same rough edges of life move me every day to do community organizing.

I have a bottomless repository of dreams. Wherever I come from in the course of my work or from any commitment, I bring home gifts of stories to loved ones and friends together with dreams dressed like wild flowers.

Ironies are all around every day: mansions and hovels, wads of money and a beggars palm, stentorian voices from healthy bodies and babies dying of malnutrition, men and women dying to land a job and another set of men and women enjoying lives of leisure, abundance and what they love to do. I flow with these ironies like a yellow leaf from a tree by the river.

Each morning as I open my heart to the promises of an uncertain day, I pick up the grains of learning I gathered from my years of teaching. I taught elementary school kids in a public school. At a certain juncture in my life, I taught literature and music to high school boys and girls. Still at another period,I taught music to college students.

I have always been doing public service since I graduated from college. From teaching to community organizing, there is so much I want to share with people. I have worked with rural communities fight for access to irrigation and potable water, stop the construction of a six-lane highway that would harm a mountain, fight for secure land tenure and other issues. I have also worked for more than two decades with urban poor communities stop illegal demolitions and evictions and make claims to the basic social services due them but have been usually denied them.

I write poetry. I play local musical instruments.

I am a freelance writer covering themes such as social justice, political anthropology, literature, psycho-social discourses, community organizing, music and poetry.

When I decided to make my presence felt in the world wide web, I have already done a lot of internet inquiry for almost a year on which web hosting group I should tap. I was very sure that of all the web hosts I had read about, Site Build It! would be my accompanier. So today, as I write my reflections and whatever thoughts I wish to share with people, my channel for these is Site Build It! In case you'd like to explore SBI, below is a free download. Just click the link "MYSS" Download below.

Community Organizing is making things happen.