A Community Organizer's Journey with Cancer

I am a community organizer. A year ago, I stumbled upon Kelley Eidem’s hub about healing his own stage 4 cancer. It was a great read not only as a stand-by information for me in case people who have cancer suddenly ask for information but also a valuable information for me. Being a community organizer, I need to have an information bank of almost any subject related to health, livelihood, housing, legal processes, community life and more. After reading Kelley Eidem’s hub, I forwarded it to my friends and relatives. It seemed that the years of medical programming of the mainstream mindset was a force stronger than my enthusiasm to tell people that cancer is curable now. Then I experienced light bleeding. Post-menopausal bleeding, as far as I know, is not normal. I read a lot about post-menopausal bleeding and got scary articles but having read Kelly Eidem’s hub many times, I told myself not to be afraid. What I did was to take Kelly’s formula. It’s in his hub: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-I-Cured-Stage-4-Cancer-in-Two-Weeks-For-Less-Than-The-Cost-Of-A-Night-At-The-Movies. I took the formula everyday and felt at peace. I took the formula for 6 months last year and experienced that my bleeding was getting lighter. It was only in January this year that I finally saw an oby-gyne. The result of my trans-vaginal ultrasound was that things were not normal for me. My doctor said I should immediately undergo a D & C (Dilatation and curettage - a minor operation in which the cervix is expanded enough (dilatation) to permit the cervical canal and uterine lining to be scraped with a spoon-shaped instrument called a curette (curettage). So I was on D & C and a biopsy of the uterine tissues was done. Two days after I was out of the hospital, my oby-gyne sent me a text message asking if I could see her in her clinic. I was surprised because while at the hospital, I was told that my medical check-up would be a week after. With my doctor’s message I sensed that she wanted to tell me something important. My intuition was correct. She wanted to tell me the result of the biopsy.

"You have carcinoma of the endometrium."

My doctor’s facial expression was solemn.I took the news as something ordinary. I suspected that I had cancer but reading the comments of people on the comment box of Kelley Eidem, for months, has made cancer just any other disease for me. Kelley Eidem has developed a formula that completely healed his own stage 4 cancer and has healed other people too. I will be one of those about to be healed, I told myself. I asked my oby-gyne what stage my cancer was. You won’t know until after a hysterectomy. Then she explained the danger of the cancer cells spreading to the cervix, the nearest neighbor of the uterus, then to the bones and eventually to the bloodstream. I got scared so I said okay let us set the date for my hysterectomy. After that consultation with my doctor, my inclination was to file a leave of absence from work for three months and extend if it would be necessary to do so after the operation. Then I returned to reading more comments from Kelly Eidem’s hub. And then I called my siblings and people close to me. Most of them said I should go under the knife. Some friends though said they have observed that after an operation, cancer patients who undergo radiation or chemotherapy don’t live for a long time but those who opted for alternative cures live longer. Then another friend called to tell me about a naturopathic doctor who has cured many cancer patients in our country. Immediately I decided to go see the naturopathic doctor. Bringing my hospital documents, the naturopathic doctor said that my cancer was on stage 1. If stage 4 cancer can be cured how much easier it would be to cure stage 1, he said. So I returned to my oby-gyne to tell her that I would be seeking a second opinion and would be canceling my schedule for hysterectomy.

"We are done", she said.

I left my oby-gyne’s clinic with a clear decision that I’d choose naturopathy as my healing method. I felt good with naturopathic medicine from my new doctor. For three months I took his prescriptions. They were very good medicine – selenium, superboost and nattokinase – but they were expensive. After three months of taking them, I decided to shift to Kelley Eidem’s formula for good. I still have bleeding everyday but they’re getting lighter as I started eating cucumber as this was Kelly’s reply to the question I wrote in his comment box at hubpages.

When I have questions regarding symptoms related to cancer, I just go to Kelley Eidem’s hubpage and post my question. Kelley is so generous. He replies immediately. He is also on twitter.com and facebook. He is such a great presence online, most specially, at hubpages. His mission in life, as any reader would see in his hubs and online articles is to cure cancer, one person at a time!